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   Terms and Conditions for Sale and Transfer

NamesInfotec (, Domains for Sale (, Buy a Domain Name ( and Domains for Sale UK ( are trading names of Allan Wilson Consultants and all domain sales and transfers will be by Allan Wilson at Allan Wilson Consultants.

If you are interested to acquire the rights to any of the domain names listed here at domainsforsale then please make contact by email for availability and purchase price using the details on the contact page. Availability of the domain will depend on the domain not being under offer or not being in the process of being sold elsewhere. Also some particular domain names will only be available for sale when the and .uk extensions of the name are bought together and this will be specified at time of contact.

Once a price has been agreed by email or phone then Allan Wilson will confirm this price in writing by email and issue an invoice which will include VAT at the UK rate (unless inapplicable due to an overseas sale). The payment process will be through use of the escrow provider where the charge to the buyer is 3.25% or less of the price agreed for the domain as part of the domain purchase agreement. A calculator for the charge at various prices is available at and the escrow fee will be shown separately on the invoice (see also below).

For UK domains ( and .uk extension domains) there is a transfer process with Nominet (the UK registrar) which is quick and straightforward and the purchaser (new registrant) is specified by an email address which will need to be provided by the purchaser. This process does involve payment of a transfer fee payable to Nominet which is normally 10.00 plus VAT per domain. Allan Wilson will be responsible for this fee and it will be paid as the transfer is set in motion as part of the escrow process. The escrow fee will be added to the price agreed for the domain itself as invoiced (above) and the combined amount is the amount to be paid by the buyer into the escrow process and there are no other fees to pay.

For domains with `top level domain` (TLD) extensions (.com and .net extension domains) there is a different procedure as specified by ICANN, the organization responsible through the relevant registrar for international assignment of names and numbers on the internet. This procedure is also straightforward and controlled through an authorization code issued by the seller`s (old registrant`s) internet service provider (ISP) which is then used by the purchaser`s ISP to draw the domain across. Normally there is no charge for the actual transfer process however the receiving ISP will usually require at least a one year domain renewal fee to be paid which is borne by the purchaser (as new registrant). In all other aspects (invoicing and escrow) a TLD domain sale will be processed as with Nominet domains.

Once the invoice has been issued then an important condition is that the escrow process should be started by the buyer within 21 days which will normally include the buyers payment into the escrow process. If the escrow process has not been started by the buyer within this 21 day period then the agreement to sell will be deemed to be ended and the domain then re-offered for sale.

Once the transfer process is complete the rights to the domain becomes the sole property of the purchaser. At this point Allan Wilson at Allan Wilson Consultants will bear no further responsibility whatever for the domain which has been sold. At this point you (as the purchaser) will become responsible for all aspects of the domain. This includes the annual renewal fee which is just as with any domain name purchased and this payment is needed to maintain the registration of the domain name. This annual renewal fee is normally paid via your ISP with whom you host or park the domain. Use of a reliable ISP and setting the domain for automatic renewal with them should normally ensure its retention in practical terms.  

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