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In the world of marketing domain names have become a key ingredient for selling, market presence and branding.

A domain name works like any other trading name used in the marketing process. The range is wide and includes generic or descriptive terms such as most of the domains for sale on this site. At the other end of the scale are brand names where a good brand name should impart some of the what a business does, in the way it sounds and looks.

Many markets are now mature with limited growth. In these circumstances looking after and retaining existing customers through a strong web presence backed up by strong delivery and fulfillment becomes extremely important. Achieving business growth however requires you to acquire new customers. This is where a good generic domain name can help you achieve a competitive advantage.

Customers searching for goods or services for the first time or looking to replace an existing supplier will use a major search engine. They will enter the item or service being sought which will be either a generic or descriptive term, such as microprocessor as a key computer component. They will be given a list to choose from where the domains being used for each individual hosting are shown. The generic or descriptive term (which in this case could be will stand out as a site offering what they are seeking. Many web users will also interpret the use of the relevant domain as showing a mature established supplier and one with strong branding. A further point is that use of a extension will also send a message that you are a UK based business which will be an important consideration for many UK buyers.

Your site still needs to be competitive in search engine ranking terms, that is in having quality content, backlinks and inbound links. If your site has achieved the important `top 3 ranking` you are likely to be selected because of the domain name.

A targeted generic or descriptive domain name can boost a site's search results and with a better geographic basis.

Importantly, there are also potential customers who will perform a search by entering the domain straight into their live browser and in this case they are certain to find the relevant site. This leads onto one of the ways a generic domain can used in conjunction with an existing site which is by simply pointing the generic domain at the latter which then acts as an important link delivering potential customers to the existing site.

A generic descriptive domain can be used within your existing web strategy to enhance your main site's performance and it can be used for a new self contained business with a branding focused on the domain's generic descriptive content. An example here would be used for a fashion business. Another example would be for a new company specializing in the sale of motor and engine oils ( could also be used alongside it).

Domains here for sale can illustrate the generic /descriptive type of domain name and the appropriate sounding brand type of domain name.


A generic name is usually defined as a word or set of words that is commonly found in the dictionary. The category extends to descriptive words which are similarly found in the dictionary. A good example of a generic domain name is which could be used for marketing a range of personal computer components in the UK. A second example is which could be used to market car brakepads where there is a large volume of after sale parts due to the mileage serviceable nature of the item. 


A good sounding brandable name domain is which could have worldwide applications across lifestyle sites or gaming sites. A hirola is actually an animal (an antelope) but it sounds somewhat like `high roller` and it is also quite a short name. Once heard (on say a radio program) it would be easy to remember.

Between generic and brandable would fall a name such as It is generic / descriptive but anybody reading the domain would know what it was about. It contains well known words which most English speaking people are very familiar with. It sounds like a brand and one which talks for itself. It would work well as the domain for a self standing site operated as part of a wellness organization or an international company addressing related markets. A similar generic / descriptive but brandable name is which could be used to head up a site addressing the key area for healthcare of weight control and obesity.

Another generic descriptive domain with branding potential is which could be used for a world side for nutritional products / information for the game of rugby.

Once a competitive advantage has been gained through acquiring the registration rights of a generic descriptive domain name then this becomes yours to retain as a permanent feature of your market presence and because all domain names are unique it cannot be replicated by the competition. Domain retention then only requires you to make the ongoing payment of a relatively small annual renewal fee to the registration authorities. This fee is normally paid via your internet service provider with whom you host or park the domain. Use of a reliable provider and setting the domain to automatic renewal with them should ensure its retention in practical terms.

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